First off all, congratulations! Finally, you’re getting married!

Plan Yours A Fairytale Beach Wedding in Koh Samui

Do you also plan to tie knots with your loved one next to crashing waves and a stellar view of Koh Samui beaches? Great idea!

Well, beaches are definitely the most exotic destinations for a dreamy wedding both for the couple and their guests. It’s like a mini-vacation for everyone involved!

But pulling off a flawless ceremony at surfside is not a breezy, relaxed affair. Though you can make it so! All you need is little planning and our expert tips for a perfect tropical wedding by the sea.

Keep it Natural and Colorful

The dazzling ocean backdrop doesn’t require over dress up. Instead, take inspiration from the harmonious colors of sand, stones, water and dune grasses, and try to highlight the natural beauty of the sea. Avoid fussy flowers!

To make the setup pop, choose colors that go well with sand and surf rather than choosing vibrant tones.

Dress Right

Ball gowns are for ballrooms. Seaside weddings call for lightweight and airy attire. A full dress with a long train may seem frustrating during the photo session. Also, heavy gowns with lace trim easily pick debris and sand, which may irritate you.

Grooms should, instead, go for linen suits, or loose shirts and pants, if it’s too hot. Ladies should choose airy fabrics like crepe, cotton, and linen.

Set The Mood With Food

Your wedding menu should reflect the culture and taste of the place you choose for the wedding. A beach wedding in Koh Samui will be entirely different from a seaside ceremony in Hawaii. Incorporate foods of the area.

Koh Samui weddings usually involve yam sam klop (mixed mango salad), plaa pook pad pak gadong (fish with sour cabbage), khanom tuay foo, met khanoon, and more authentic Thai food.

Ensure Privacy

When you picture a beach wedding, you think of soft sand, cool breeze and gorgeous tropical view in the backdrop. But do you also dream of nosy and noisy onlookers, mosquitoes and gusts of wind spoiling your gorgeous hairdo?

Not at all!

We suggest renting an oceanfront villa where you can organize a secluded tropical wedding and still go to the beach and take lots of instagram-able photos.

Choosing A Private Beachfront Villa

To make sure you make it an unforgettable trip, choose a right villa in the right location. Villa Mia, settled on the pristine Chaweng beach, is one of the best and luxury venues for nuptial ceremonies. Chaweng beach is a unique and one of the best beaches in Koh Samui. You will sense a total comfort and privacy around the beach.

As Villa Mia is the one and only beach front villa on Chaweng, it was also given the Koh Samui’s Best Villa for Weddings Awards in 2017

Villa Mia can host 100 guests for the wedding but can sleep in the villa only 10 guests for the minimum five nights for wedding ceremonies. Their premium package costs just 1500 USD++ with a refundable deposit of 100,000 THB as breakage deposit and extra cleaning services, if required.

What are you waiting for? Book a villa with us, pack your bags and fly now.